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Slow Scan Television (SSTV) has been around for quite some time. The original SSTV required expensive commercial equipment. Today, with PC's, Software and a Interface to your rig you can be on the air with SSTV.

I have been bit by this mode. After I started with PSK31 using the PSK-80 Warbler, I then wanted to expand to other bands, I got a small Soundcard to Transceiver Interface which worked with my PC and PSK31 Software. I then downloaded a SSTV Software program and now the PC is used for two different HAM modes.

SSTV stations can be found on the following bands and frequencies:
 Band  Frequency
 160 Meters  1.916 MHz
 80 Meters  3.845 MHz
 3.857 MHz
 40 Meters  7.170 MHz
 7.172 MHz
 20 Meters  14.230 MHz
 14.233 MHz
 14.236 MHz
 15 Meters  21.340 MHz
 10 Meters  28.680 MHz
 28.690 MHz
 28.700 MHz
 6 Meters  50.680 MHz
 2 Meters  145.5 MHz

SSTV Interfaces

BUX CommCo HF Interface for SSTV
BUX CommCo HF Interface for PSK31

RIGblaster HF Interface for SSTV
RIGblaster HF Interface for PSK31

Tigertronics SignaLink for SSTV
Tigertronics SignaLink for SSTV

The DigiPan Isolating Interface
The DigiPan Isolating Interface

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