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What does "D-STAR" stand for?
The D-STAR stands for Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio. It is an open standard digital communication protocol established by JARL*.
*Japan Amateur Radio League

Digital Voice Plus Digital Data Combine with D-STAR Repeater Equipment

D-STAR Features
  • D-PRS®
  • Text Message
  • Internet Access
  • Auto I.D.
  • Digital Voice and Location
  • Rescue Tracking
  • Crossbanding

Imagine a world where you can get a VHF and UHF repeater pair. Or where VHF and UHF DX does not require a band opening. Or even a plug and play repeater system that gives you functionality and capabilities that no other radio service in the world can offer!. This dream has become a reality with the introduction of Icom's ID-RP2000V and ID-RP4000V D-STAR Modules!

Whether you are a repeater owner wanting to experiment in the digital world or a club who wants more from their repeater network, D-STAR is definitely the future of Amateur Radio.


With the capability of handling up to four RF modules, ID-RP2C repeater controller is the cornerstone of the D-STAR repeater system. This includes basic in-band as well as crossband operation between any of the four digital voice RF modules. In addition to basic control of the RF modules, the RP2C also provides linking capabilities through the Internet and future 10GHz backbone products.

ID-RP2D (23cm Data)

One of the most powerful functions of D-STAR is the ability to move data. The ID-RP2D provides an access point with a data rate of 128kbps. Depending on the system setup, the 128kbps is perfect for setting up an e-mail and/or file server for EmComm support. It's also perfect for the connecting to the Internet or web applications and support.

Whether you use the 128kbps for e-mail or file servers, connecting to an Internet source via a router will give you the capability of checking out the radar from the National Weather Service or National Hurricane Center.

ID-RP2V (23cm Voice)

Finally a commercially available legal crossband repeater! With proper callsign programming in any D-STAR compatible mobile or portable, the Icom D-STAR repeaters will automatically route your signal to any other RF module connected to a common RP2. With simple repeater commands, you can direct your communications through any of the RF modules.

ID-RP2000V (2M)

This VHF digital voice repeater opens the way to use the D-STAR repeater system in the popular 2m band with the ID-800H, IC-91AD and other D-STAR compatible radios. It also provides cross band operation with 144/440/1200MHz bands.

ID-RP4000V (70cm)

The RP4000V, a UHF digital voice repeater, uses the D-STAR repeater system in 70cm bands. It also provides cross band operations with 144/440/1200MHz bands.

D-STAR compatible transceiver line-up

  • ID-1
  • ID-51A PLUS
  • ID-5100A
  • IC-9100
  • IC-7100
  • IC-80AD
  • IC-2820H and IC-2820 (discontinued)
  • ID-800H (discontinued)
  • IC-91AD and IC-91A (discontinued)
  • IC-92AD (discontinued)
  • IC-V82 and IC-U82 (discontinued)
  • IC-2200H (discontinued)
  • ID-880H (discontinued)

  • ID-5100A Digital Transceiver

    Innovative 2m/70cm transceiver with touch screen and internal GPS

    Intuitive touch screen operation

    Qwerty keyboardThe intuitive touch screen interface provides quick and smooth operation for setting and editing various functions and memories. The 5.5 inch display (320 × 128 pixel) shows a large easy-to-see software keypad (Qwerty keyboard), and allows you to input alphanumeric characters quickly.

    V/U, V/V, U/U Dual receive

    The ID-5100A receives 118–174MHz and 375–550MHz* with dual receiver capability that allows you to receive two bands simultaneously (including within a single band)*. Almost all VHF & UHF communications are available to you! *See specifications for receive range coverage.

    DV Dualwatch

    The ID-5100A has simultaneous receive for FM/FM and FM/DV modes, and the capability of monitoring two DV signals. The main band audio has priority, if two DV signals come in at the same time.

    GPS receiver

    Received position information exampleThe ID-5100A/E has integrated GPS which allows you to transmit and receive position data from the built-in GPS receiver. Position, course, speed and altitude are shown on the display. The GPS position information can be used for exchanging position reports, tracing the GPS log and searching for nearby repeater sites. The GPS antenna is located in the remote head, no external GPS antenna required.

    ID-31A UHF Transceiver

    A Compact and Submersible Radio with GPS, Micro SD Card and More!
    Icom proudly announces the debut of a new 5W, UHF digital transceiver, ID-31A. The ID-31A/E has a look and feel along with a new user interface packed into slim, compact chassis protected with IPX7 submersible construction.

    The built-in GPS receiver shows your current position and altitude for GPS position reporting function and the GPS log function tracks your movement. The ID-31A has a micro SD card slot which can be used for storing GPS log, voice memory and memory contents.

    The large full dot-matrix display, directional keypad and quick menu button also ease the usability. Accessing D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) repeater has been made even easier.

    So Many Features

    ◾25.4mm (1 inch) depth slim and compact body
    ◾IPX7 submersible construction
    ◾Built-in GPS shows current position and altitude for GPS position reporting
    ◾GPS log function tracks your movement
    ◾Micro SD card slot for recording voice of incoming and outgoing calls, GPS log, memory contents to a micro SD card (Micro SD card is not supplied from Icom)
    ◾Large dot-matrix display and directional keypad
    ◾Total 1252 memory channels including 500 regular, 700 D-STAR repeater memories, 50 scan edges and 2 call channels
    ◾Cloning software CS-31 is supplied with the ID-31A

    Lightweight & compact body

    The ID-31A/E has a compact 58×95×25.4 mm body, and weighs only 225g (approx.) with battery pack and antenna. It’s a truly palm-size, 5W radio.

    IPX7 submersible construction

    Icom ID-31A The ID-31A/E provides superior waterproof protection equivalent to IPX7 (1m depth of water for 30 minutes). It can be used in harsh outdoor environments, when hiking, mountain biking, touring and mountain sports.

    D-STAR DV mode (Digital Voice + data)

    The ID-31A/E is compatible with the JARL D-STAR format. The D-STAR DV mode has lots of advantages over the analog FM mode: digitally modulated clear voice, quiet stand-by, individual calling using a call sign and access to the world wide repeater network linked with the Internet.

    Built-in GPS receiver

    The built-in GPS receiver shows your current position and altitude on the display and offers a position reporting function in DV mode. The GPS log function logs your position information at regular intervals (1 second–60 seconds, depending on the setting) and memorizes this in the micro SD card to export to your PC. In addition, the GPS-A mode assists in easy D-PRS mode operation. Icom ID-31A

    IC-7851 HF/50MHz Transceiver

    HF/50MHz Transceiver - The Pinnacle of HF Perfection


    Solid design basics and HF expertise raising the bar

    Contesters and DXers are always looking for that competitive edge to magically pull out the weak signal that is either the rare country or multiplier they need to climb up the list. Larger antennas, higher gain pre-amps and other devices in line are great. However, what happens inside the radio with all those signals coming down your feedline can defeat all your efforts.

    With the design of the IC-7851, Icom's engineers focused on a new Local Oscillator (LO) that drastically reduces the phase noise. As a result of this design, the purity of the LO achieves a Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR) of 110dB. In addition to the incredibly clean LO allowing you to hear the weak signals, the new spectrum scope design enables you to see the weak ones! Faster processors higher input gain, higher display resolution and a cleaner signal from the receiver's LO will give you a new window into the RF world. Adding this performance and functionality for both receivers give you a dual scope portal.

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