About Us

By Michael Shepp.
image Mike's Web Site is my personal website that I set up for my hobbies and likes. Over the years I have added more pages to it as I saw the need for them. The biggest project has been the Reunion webpages. The first three there were not many pictures taken and shared like they have been the past few years. On the last reunion, our 50th I was able to include at least one photo of every classmate that was there. I can't say that about some of the earlier reunions. Pat called it the 5th Anniversary of our 10 Year High School Reunion (AKA 50th Reunion) since some had problems with it called our 50th reunion.

Since I first started this website I have deleted some webpages as I was unable to keep up with the fast change of hardware that seems to come out right after you purchased it. That includes both the Computer and Internet webpages and the Cellular Phones webpages. Nothing lasts for a year before it is updated and replaced with a newer, faster, etc. so it was easier to remove those pages than try to keep them updated with all the changes, and this is not my full time job, but then again since I am retired I don't have a full time job anymore, so this will not keep be tied to a computer either.

Another webpage that has taken time over the years is my 9/11 Memorial page. The last couple of years on the anniversary of 9/11 I have not added much to it. Since it has been so long since it happened, I have not forgetten it but think it is time to let it remain as it is. I have covered the first couple of year very extensively as you can see if you go to the site. I have had to update the slideshows when Java did a update the put most of the Java Applets out of running. Javascript is still a valid entity so I had to update the java applets with the javascript and .css .php scripts which is what is used today. I am in the process of updating the site from HTML4 to HTML5 and that will take some time so I still have plenty to do. For a while it will be a mixture of old and new on the website. Hopefully someday all will be updataed to the new standards. Let me know what you think!