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Animation on this page is a jQuery script. You can click on most pictures and be taken to another page.
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This new site uses the new Mega Drop Menus that allowed me to have more listings on each menu than in the past. It is a mouse over design so you don't have to click on the title to see what is below in the menu. More items can be in each menu so more of my sites can be on one menu instead of one for each site. Don't miss that there are two more menu items on the right side.

Easier to Design

As I have been updating my website lately, and this is actually the third generation and so far and it has been the easiest one I have updated to. Maybe it had something to do with each generation I have learned a little more and not like my first website over 15 years ago when you had to know the HTML code to do anything, and today it helps but not used as much.


My Website

This site contains my hobbies and interests, with links to make them more enjoyable. I hope you find some of the information and links useful, Enjoy! The links are on the blue bar above. Click on any of the selections and scroll down to the site you are looking for and click on it. Enjoy the site and send me a Email with your thoughts or improvements for it.,,, graphic

Orlando Strong

I was born in Orlando, Florida. I went to grade school and high school in Orlando. My first two years of college was at Orlando Junior College (which no longer exists). I then went to the University of South Florida in Tampa for my last two years and graduated from there. After graduation I remained in Tampa, and still live there now.

Our daughter and her husband and their three boys live in Orlando. I have two brothers that live in the greater Orlando area.

We Are Orlando. Massacre in Orlando on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse nightclub was the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history with 49 killed and 53 injured. I am proud and love the city I grew up in. I hate to see this happened there, but Orlando is strong and will overcome this, but it may take quite a while. I will pray for those wonded and the families of those that were killed.

Love must overcome Hate.

Orlando Strong

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